Shiatsu for Women.
Treatment for tension, pain, exhaustion, stress and trauma.

With Shiatsu you can significantly increase your overall health and well-being, no matter what your age or current health condition.

Shiatsu is a healing therapy based on deep knowledge of Traditional Chinese and Japanese Medicine. Shiatsu works with the meridians of the body, the same energy channels used in acupuncture, and supports your health in a holistic and effective way.
Shiatsu leads to deep relaxation and clears imbalances long before they manifest as illnesses. Shiatsu nurtures and strengthens the whole organism, and improves our sense of self as well as our bodies. It helps clarify our needs, wishes and boundaries. It supports us in feeling better, more light, and more whole.
For a long-lasting, healthy and joyful life.

A session costs 65 euros. During the Shiatsu treatment you will be lying on a thick mat on the floor. Please bring with you comfortable clothes to wear.
It is also possible to enjoy Shiatsu at your home in Vienna.

For further questions or to make an appointment, please call me: +43 (0)680 1325016, e-mail me: info@zuhause-im-koerper.at. I am based at the beautiful green park Augarten in 1020 Vienna, Obere Augartenstraße 10/30, easy to get to by the U4 (Roßauer Lände).

I’m looking forward to supporting you on your path with attentiveness and caring application of the profound healing wisdom of Shiatsu.

Karin Höllinger